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15 miles and a brush with injury

I’ve just got home from my first ever sports massage… and I feel violated. I knew that my muscles were tight, but I had no idea quite how bad they were – the experience actually made me cry! But before … Continue reading

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Why haven’t they cured the common cold yet?!

I HAVE A COLD. According to my boyfriend you’d think I was the first person in the history of the world to have had one. In my defence it has been a particularly bad one. It started last Thursday/Friday, with … Continue reading

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Running new territory

This morning I ran my furthest distance ever – 14 whole miles. I got up at 7.30am (on a Saturday… for shame!) to do this. The reasoning behind this was that I’d still have the whole day afterwards to do … Continue reading

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This morning I ran…

…and I ran fast! (Well, fast for me. I’m not going to be giving Paula Radcliffe a run for her money any time soon). And I enjoyed it! I was well prepared for this mornings run. I’d gone to bed … Continue reading

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Achey achey legs

I’m starting to wonder whether I imagined my sub-2:00 half marathon. Yesterday I ran 13 miles at my planned marathon pace (10 min/mile), which I assumed wouldn’t be too awful, but man I ache today! Not that I didn’t enjoy … Continue reading

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