Marathon goal reassessment: a good idea, or just plain stupid?

I’m currently in week 14 of Edinburgh Marathon training, and everything is going… well. No injuries, no illness, my training is consistent, I’m feeling good. I’ve hit 18 miles in my long run, and this weekend I will head out for 20 miles.

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about my marathon goals. My number one goal was to get to the starting line in Edinburgh on the 26th May healthy, strong and feeling good. A lot could happen in the next 6 weeks, but so far, so good. My planned target marathon pace was 9:30 minute/miles, which would give me a finish time of 4:09 – a PB of more than 30 minutes…

However, there’s part of me that’s wondering if I could hit that illusive 4 hour barrier. My half marathon PB of 1:54:18 indicates that it is possible, but not too easily achievable.

Help me! Is it sensible to re-assess your goals so far into a training plan? Should I stick with my original plan? Or do I go for it, running the risk of blowing up 20 miles in to the race? And if I do decide to go for a 4 hour marathon, how does my training need to change between now and then?!



About Holly Callaghan

Lazy girl turned marathon runner, chasing sub-4!
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3 Responses to Marathon goal reassessment: a good idea, or just plain stupid?

  1. notajogger says:

    What pace have you been running your midweek and long runs at? What feels most comfortable? If your ‘steady’ pace is 8.30 ish, or 8, I think sub 4 is doable. But if you’ve done all your long slow runs at 10 it might be tricky.

    • Long runs have been around 9:30 pace and have felt pretty comfortable, steady is 8:30ish and tempo is around 8:00, which feels tough but manageable. 9:00m/m feels very comfortable, but I’ve not done more than 16 miles at that pace. Really tough to call. I usually err on the side of caution, but wondering if this is an occasion where I should push it…!

  2. lostjogger says:

    Ooh I have a similar dilemma and am running edinburgh too, but it’s my first marathon and I’m nervous about blowing up. But the gfa for London is within my sights (according to time prediction calcs). Maybe I should flip a coin?

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